Security Audits

For a some of the public security audits I’ve completed, check out Security Audits


Orderbook is an experimental order-matching software for an asset exchange. It’s written in Go and meant to be a small but powerful library as a core to a larger architecture.


EDH-Go is a Magic: The Gathering board state tracker that I wrote using Vue, GraphQL, Go, and Redis. It’s meant to be fast, realtime, and usable in a competitive EDH environment. It’s also the first web-first Magic the Gathering client (to my knowledge).


Pangolin is an open-source, AGPL-3.0 licensed NoSQL database that I’m working on in my spare time. It doesn’t work, and it might never work, but it’s been a really great opportunity for me to learn deeper computer science principles.


Ubermind is a RESTful service designed to emulate Parse or Firebase-like functionality. This is published and regularly used (I’m still getting 40~ish weekly downloads from somewhere in the world). This is currently my best open source contribution.


I wrote this mostly as a tool for myself but realized there was a need for it in the StarCraft community because all of the alternatives kind of suck.

Overlord relies on ElasticSearch and Mongo to do some more advanced build order and meta analysis.


This was a personal project I wrote with a friend a few years ago. It was a tool to help people find aftermarket parts and builds for specific horsepower and torque applications. It has been deactivated because I was no longer pursuing the project. It’s written in Node, MongoDB, and Vue.